Keeping a clean work desk

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I work in a heavy paper environment and my department is in charge of keeping all the paper in order.  I have constant paperwork coming into my in-box, paperwork requested to deliver to others and invoices, packing slips, mail and on and on.  I manage to keep everything organized and this helps tremendously with time management and effectiveness at work.

A key factor in keeping a clean desk is NOT multi-tasking.  For day to day tasks that are redundant I try my best to concentrate on only one task at a time.  I set a up a time-frame for each task and finish what I have started.  Once I have completed one task I move on to the next and mentally set up another time frame. 

At the end of every month I go through my desk and purge all of the items that are outdated or not needed.  I am in charge of purchasing and I get a ton of catalogs from various places.  I found that Staples and OfficeMax are my two favorite places to order so I usually go through a new catalog, see if their price on something I buy frequently is good, if not toss it!   Holding on to phone books and catalogs take up much needed space on my desk and add to clutter.

The one thing I must be both sad and happy about is the lack of drawers at my desk.  Sad because I have a few things on the top of my desk that I would rather hide.  Happy because drawers can get stuffed with less than desirable stuff-clutter!

How do you keep your workspace organized?  I love the pull out keyboard tray and my in-box!!!


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  1. ballueder said,


    It seems not overly common these days to have too much paper floating about. However, you are right, do not clutter your desk.
    The best ever book I read was by David Allen on “Getting things done”.

    Enjoy and leave a comment to let me know what you think.


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