Today is my Friday!

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I am pretty happy that today is my Friday.  This means that my actual Friday will be spent with my youngest child.  I have high hopes for Friday as far as activities go.  I am planning on visiting with a friend, working on a sewing project, cleaning, going to the bookstore and *maybe* going swimming.  My area is supposed to have a huge heat wave and I am thinking a dip in the pool might be worthwhile.

In order to make sure that I get to do all the things my heart desires I am going to get some of the cleaning done this evening.  Dishes are the one thing that always seem to pile up.  I find it funny (sort of) that my family will not put dirty dishes into the dishwasher.  They save them for me.   I remember reading something about how we train people by our actions.  I guess at one time I must have complained about how the dishes were being placed in the dishwasher…oops!

Mother’s Day was Sunday and I have a Barnes & Noble gift card I am dying to use.  Last I was there I found a great book about quilting.  It was better than most I have seen.  The book had a very large beginning section about applique.  This is something I really want to master.  I also found a cute book about pincushions.  I love books so I am planning my trip tomorrow when I do not have any kids with me.  Barnes & Noble has a Thomas the Train set in the children’s section and my three year old knows where it is.  Needless to say, this is the section of the bookstore I spend most of my time in when I go with kids.  I usually stock up on interesting books and sit with my son reading while he plays.  But…I often feel bad about the pile of reading material I leave behind when it is time to go.  Anyhow, I will let you know which books I end up with.  Here is to hoping for a sale!

Visiting with my friend is something I truly look forward to.  Adult conversation, tea and some cookies is always a good time!  If you have kids you probably know what I am talking about.

Hope your Friday is productive!  (And much cooler, temperature-wise, than mine!)


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