Magazine Clutter…Be Gone!

May 1, 2008 at 8:02 pm (clutter, Life, magazine, Organizing) (, , , , , )

Magazine clutter often creeps up on me…literally!  I have a flow of magazines coming in the house constantly.  My husband subscribes to several magazines, U.S. News, Car and Driver, Popular Mechanics, Discover, Road & Track and a health and fitness magazine.  I receive Lucky, Elle, Home Companion, Country Living, Working Mother and I am sure something else that I am forgetting. 


The magazine clutter occurs when I decide to save the magazine for future reference.  Future reference means anything from a recipe to a decorating idea to a new lip-gloss to buy.   Of course with vague reasons to keep the magazines they begin to pile up. 


My solution to put an end to this clutter is simple.  Cancel the subscriptions that are not getting read or are unneeded.  Doing this will save us some money and space!  Donate magazines to my local library or grammar schools as soon as they have been read. Lastly, I need to tackle my desire to “save for future reference”.  I found a nice 3-ring binder and bought some tabbed dividers and a box of reference sheet protectors.  I labeled my tabbed dividers appropriately, food, crafts, decorating ideas etc.  Now the key is that once I have read my magazine I take the pages that are of interest to me, slide them into a sheet protector and file in my handy binder under the appropriate category.  The sheet protectors are quite nice as they protect the desired page, keep all the papers nice and have 3-holes that fit nicely into my binder.


There are some magazines that I do like to keep due to beauty.  To keep these from overflowing I bought a large basket and I organized the magazines by month.  This way when I want to go back and re-read one (which I do quite often) it is easy to find the magazine.


Do you have any other suggestions for magazine clutter?  Let me know what you think.


Next organizing step…my overflowing bookshelves.





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